Heroes of Legend is not currently active, we are in the process of rebuilding, we will continue to be a casual kinship on the Brandywine server. We are a kinship that was formed by casual players for casual players. This should not be misunderstood to mean that we are not serious about being a kinship. We believe that above all, a kinship should be driven by friendship, willingness to help one another and playing the game to have fun. We hope to create a home for others like us. We are not hardcore, but a kinship that takes on questing and instances with a balance of seriousness, silliness, and success. 

     We realize that real life comes first whether you have school, work long hours or have small children. If one wants to play 24 hours a day or can only play once a week, that is fine with us. Nobody will be required to specialize or play a certain way to meet the needs of the kinship. 

    We are a kinship of casual players focused on group instances, world interaction, crafting, and socializing. We are serious about being an online community and are open to mature fairminded people of all classes and professions. Courteous behavior and a commitment to support our growing kinship community are the primary expectations of all members. 

    If you are looking for people to quest with, run instances with, or if you are new to the game and looking for help, then Heroes of Legend may be the kinship for you. We would be glad to have you as one of our friends. 

    Our main goal is to have fun and get to know each member of our kinship. We aim to run 3, 6, 12 and 24 man raids and other events on a regular basis. Not every person likes to raid. So, although we encourage it, we do not require that our members participate in raiding. We want our members to enjoy the game by doing what it is they like to do. Whether that be running 6 man instances, raiding, solo or fellowship questing, pvmp, crafting or leveling alts for the fun of it. As long as one is taking part in the kinship in some way, is enjoying the game and feels comfortable with the people around them then all of our goals have been met. 

 If you are interested in joining us please click here to submit application.

Also be sure to check out our Group on Facebook: Heroes of Legend

For more information send in game mail to any officer:





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